Christmas Penguin Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

This Christmas Penguin Coaster is very adorable and cute, very efficient and useful for a variety of uses! First, and the most important one, you can use this as a perfect holder for you beverage. Hot or cold, you can still use this perfectly to insulate and protect your furniture from any watery or scorch marks that you may get from your drink. Furthermore, this design is also very adorable and cute! The penguin design is definitely recognizable while weaving in some of its own unique features, such as a small hat sticker, beak, large feet, and curious eyes. Moreover, this can also be a fantastic gift for loved ones, friends, and family! It is the perfect last-minute present and can be whipped up in no time! Thanks Knitting Kitty for sharing this free crocheting pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.

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Christmas Penguin Coaster