Bunny Lovey Free Crochet Pattern

This Bunny Lovey Free Crochet Pattern is perfect for a new baby. The bunny is so cute. All babies have a favorite item, which they attach to and want for comfort or snuggling down to sleep. This lovey will be a great companion. It is easy and fun to make. You could make this for a little one who has come into your life.Thanks Sweet Softies and Sewrella for sharing the wonderful free crochet patterns.The links for the free patterns are provided below photos.Happy crocheting.

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Bunny Lovey 


Snuggle Bunny Baby Lovey Free Crochet Pattern

Click below link for free pattern…

Snuggle Bunny Baby Lovey  


  1. Im trying to get ur snuggle bunny baby cuddle pattern. I want to make many for easter to send to hospital NICU units. Its not allowing me to get it.


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