6 Day Kid Blanket Crochet Free Pattern

This beautiful 6 day kid blanket is absolutely gorgeous and impressive pattern for a versatile crochet granny ripple afghan.  The vibrant design used four yarn colors: Teal, Sage, Duck Egg, and White. The color combination is so comfortable and beautiful. You can choose your colors to suit the personality. Use this 6 Day Kid Blanket Crochet Free Pattern make a great gift for your child or grandchild. It is so soft and comfy, every kids will love it. Thanks Hanan for sharing this awesome project on yarnballin.com. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.

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Click below link for free pattern…

6 Day Kid Blanket


  1. Make it easier to find the pattern to print. I had 4 windows open before I found a link that opened to a print.


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